Sarah Rousey at the US Open 9 Ball Championships

On October 20, 2010, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

As many of you know, the US Open 9 Ball Championships started allowing women to play this year.  Once I heard the news, I immediately called our player rep Sarah Rousey to see if she wanted to play (which of course she did).  Well, the US Open is going on now and Sarah was featured in her third round match against Chris Bartram. Prior to her match, she was interviewed by another friend of the Dawg, Samm Diep:

Unfortunately, Sarah ran into a bit of a buzzsaw.  She and Bartram were tied at 4-4 and then Chris peeled off 6 straight racks to get on the hill at 10-4.  Sarah tried to mount a comeback, but ended up losing ll-5.

We’re all very proud of Sarah in her gender barrier breaking efforts.  Hopefully she’ll do a full write up of her experience at the US Open on her blog.

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WPBA and the US Open

On May 6, 2010, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

Typically I use this blog to let everyone know about what’s going on in the world of PoolDawg.  Every once in a while though, I feel the need to comment on industry items.  After seeing this press release discussing WPBA players playing in the US Open, I felt that a comment was necessary.

There was a press release that came out the other day discussing women playing in the US Open which I honestly found quite disconcerting.  Typically I don’t comment on such things, but given the fact that our sponsored player, Sarah Rousey, is playing in this event, I felt the need to say something.  The press release, which can be found here, makes the following statement:

“Of course, the WPBA organization is not so foolish to think that the top women play at a level comparable to the top men, but the WPBA takes pride in the fact that its top players have dared to mix it up with the top men, and while doing so, have enjoyed some scattered successes.  In point of fact, like the majority of men players, the ladies of the WPBA are awed by the skill of the top men, feel honored when afforded the opportunity to compete against them, and understand that doing so allows them to grow as players.”

I couldn’t disagree more.  It is unclear as to who wrote this press release, however it should be noted that in the past few years there have been a number of significantly strong showings in men’s events by players like Jasmin Ouschan and Karen Corr.  If we felt that our player couldn’t play at a level necessary to make a good showing in the event, we wouldn’t be entering her.

Clearly the top male pros are among the best players in the world.  That being said, I don’t feel it is necessary for someone to put in a press release that “the ladies of the WPBA are awed by the skill of the top men”.  These statements really disparage the extremely high level of play that many women in the WPBA display regularly in televised and non-televised events.

As an advertising sponsor of the WPBA as an organization and of one of their top players, I must say that I wholeheartedly disagree with the statements and the tone of the release that was put out.  It is still unclear as to who wrote the release, but I would like to state that as PoolDawg’s marketing flack and a long time supporter of women’s pool, I do not feel that the women of the WPBA need to be beholden to anyone.  They are world class pool players, several of whom have already proven that they can compete with the best male players in the world and I for one am looking forward to watching this event, cheering on Ms. Rousey and any other women who throw their hat into the US Open.

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Sarah Rousey to Play in the 2010 US Open

On April 12, 2010, in PoolDawg News and PR, by Michael Feiman

Sarah has now been officially entered into the US Open 9 Ball Championships.  Here’s the official press release:

PoolDawg to Enter Sarah Rousey In the US Open 9 Ball Championships

Lafayette, CO April 12, 2010 — PoolDawg, the recognized leader in online billiards and game room supplies, is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring WPBA Touring Pro Sarah Rousey in her attempt to become the first woman in history to win the US Open later this year. As the first woman to officially enter this event, Rousey will be breaking a long standing gender barrier that previously restricted entry to men.

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for some time now, so the timing of Mr. Behrman’s announcement allowing women to enter the US Open couldn’t be better.” said Michael Feiman, PoolDawg’s Director of Marketing. “Sarah continues to do a wonderful job representing our brand at billiards events and we are proud to have one of the up and coming stars of the WPBA represent us at the most prestigious domestic event in pool.” When asked about being given the opportunity to play in this event, Sarah said “After years of experiencing this great event as a spectator, I am thrilled to get a chance to play with the best men and women in the world! Thank you Mr. Behrman and PoolDawg for this opportunity.”

Sarah Rousey, a resident of Bloomington Illinois, is one of the rising stars of the WPBA, coming off a 5th place finish at the 2010 San Diego Classic. She holds wins over top pool players from around the globe and will pose a unique challenge to the 2010 field of the US Open. She will be accompanied to the US Open by PoolDawg’s trusty mascot, Frank. Fans will be able to follow Sarah’s training and preparation at and

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Contact: Michael Feiman

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And The Winners Are…

On August 3, 2009, in Contests, by Michael Feiman

Lots of winners to announce today.  First off, The US Open Pick’em:

$100 Gift Certificate – Hoyt Plunkett Jr, Roland, AR
$50 Gift Certificate – Perry Phillips, Victorville, CA
$25 Gift Certificate – John Wright, Lewistown, MT
$10 Gift Certificate – Althea Foster, Enid, OK
$10 Gift Certificate – Joseph Giuliani, Amsterdam, NY
$10 Gift Certificate – John Hall, Eureka, CA

Next, we have the winner of the Frank’s Dawg House drawing. This month, Frank chose Charletta Hyder of Dallas, Texas as the winner of the $25 Dawg Dough gift certificate.

Last but not least is our Facebook Fan of the Month – Denice Mumford!

Congrats to all the winners. Your gift certificates are en route via email (or Facebook mail in Denice’s case).  The next Pick’em is for the WPBA Colorado Classic which will take place next month.  We’ll make an announcement when the Colorado Classic Pick’em is live.

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WPBA US Open Starts Today

On July 30, 2009, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

The US Open will be kicking off this morning at 10AM CST.  There won’t be a live stream unfortunately, but I’ll be doing my best to provide final scores as they come in through our Twitter account.  If you have a Twitter account, feel free to follow us.  Otherwise, I’ll try and get a Twitter feed up on the blog.

First up for Sarah Rousey is Miyuki Sakai at 1:30PM CST.

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