A Day In The Life

On March 9, 2011, in About PoolDawg, by Michael Feiman

Ah, the glamorous life of an internet marketing guy.  While I’m sure very few people are interested in what it’s like to work for The Dawg, I decided to put my standard morning to song with a tip of the hat to John, Paul, George and Ringo.  Oh, and please assume this day in the life takes place during the summer, otherwise I’d look rather insane wearing flip flops in the dead of winter:

Woke up, got out of bed
Dragged a Bic across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a Bull
And looking up, I noticed I was late
Found my shades and grabbed my slaps
Hit the road in seconds flat
Found my down south and checked the stats
Keven spoke and I went into a daze…

I kid, I kid.  I always pay attention when Keven, Alexis and Ashleigh are speaking to me.

The reality of course is that we’re not the huge company with a sea of cubicles as you might imagine.  We’re a tight group in a cozy office space and no one has just one responsibility.  So, while you will in most cases get Ashleigh or Alexis if you call the office, you might get Keven or me, depending on what’s going on.   I spend much of my day managing our ad campaigns and talking to partners, but if shipping gets backed up, I might be found in the cue room pulling and order, QCing pool cues or changing a weight bolt.  Come catalog time, I’m knee deep in copywriting (unless my buddy Liz Ford is willing to lend a hand, which she usually is).

In the end though, there is one key responsibility that we all have in common – making the customer happy.  Our customers are what keep us in business, so there is nothing more important to any of us than making sure each and every customer has the best possible experience when shopping at PoolDawg.

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