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On February 27, 2008, in About PoolDawg, by Michael Feiman

We’re always looking for new and interesting ways to help you find the pool cues and billiards products you’re looking for.  With this in mind, we’ve started rolling out our new related searches tool on the PoolDawg website.  The idea behind this is to give users an easy way to find products that are related to the product they’re currently viewing.  Take a look at the screenshot below of the Schon CX01:


If you look below the image, you’ll see an area called “Related Searches” with a number of links.  So, if you’re looking for a pool cue with cocobolo wood in it, you can click on the screen2.jpg“cocobolo” search tag and it will take you to a list of other products that feature cocobolo wood.  If you’re interested in seeing other cues from the Schon CX series, just click the “Schon CX” search tag and it will show you other cues in the series.

As you can imagine, adding related search terms to over 2,000 items will take some time.  Every evening we’ll be updating more products until we’ve covered every product on our site.  Interested in what the most frequently tagged terms are?  Just check out the “Top Search Terms” box on the lower right side of every page (just like the one pictured to the left).  The bigger the font, the more times it has been tagged.  Also, you can just mouse over the term and it will tell you how many times that search term has been tagged.

Questions?  Feel free to email us or call us toll free M-F 8:30AM to 5:00PM MST.  We’re here to help and answer any questions you have.

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