The 2010 Big Pool Cue Survey Results

On December 2, 2010, in PoolDawg News and PR, by Michael Feiman

A week or so ago, we asked our customers to answer a few questions in a highly unscientific survey.  As promised, here are the Top 3 results for each question:

Question #1
What is your favorite entry level pool cue brand sold at PoolDawg?
Cuetec Cues: 26.2%
Players Cues: 18.2%
Action Cues: 7.9%

Question #2
What is your favorite mid-range pool cue brand sold by PoolDawg?
McDermott Cues: 34.4%
Lucasi Cues: 19.6%
Meucci Cues: 19.4%

Question #3
What is your favorite high end pool cue brand sold by PoolDawg?
Predator Cues: 39.3%
Schon Cues: 16.7%
Joss Cues: 15.9%

Question #4
What do you think of low deflection shaft technology?
I won’t play with anything but a low deflection shaft!: 57.2%
It’s all just a bunch of marketing hooey!: 19.9%
I have no idea what you’re talking about!: 22.9%

Question #5
If you could have any performance/low deflection shaft, which would you choose?
I’ll stick with my regular shaft thankyouverymuch!: 24.0%
Predator 314 shaft: 19.4%
Predator Z shaft: 17.3%

And there you have it folks!

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