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On December 18, 2008, in PoolDawg's Friends, by Michael Feiman

Its a sad day here at PoolDawg, as today marks the last day of Samm Diep’s brief stint at the Worldwide Headquarters.  We knew this day would come eventually, but it sure seems like her three weeks went by quickly.

Samm Diep at PoolDawg HQ

As one friend of PoolDawg leaves, another will be joining us.  For those of you who have been with us for a while you’ll be familiar with our own personal lawyer in training, Megan.  Since Megan is on winter break from law school at the University of Wyoming, she’s decided to help us out during the final stretch of the holiday season.

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In just a few days our pal Samm Diep has made herself at home here at Casa de PoolDawg.  With the help of our trusty bulldog Frank, Samm is starting to get the hang of the whole working 9-5 thing.  Frank had to step in on a few occasions to take over on calls, but after a day or so, Samm was diving for the phone like a pro.

Frank Showing Samm The Proper Way To Answer The Phone

Frank Showing Samm The Proper Way To Answer The Phone

The real test has yet to come though.  While the media wants everyone to think that “Cyber Monday” is the biggest shopping day of the year for online stores, in reality the biggest shopping day usually comes sometime in mid-December.  She handled Cyber Monday with ease, but that was just a tune up for the main event.

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PoolDawg Gets Cherry Bombed!

On December 1, 2008, in About PoolDawg, PoolDawg's Friends, by Michael Feiman

The holiday season is now officially in full effect which means that we’re typically all on the phone all day long helping people get holiday gifts.  Now we’re not to proud to beg when it comes to getting quality holiday help, so for the next few weeks PoolDawg will be graced with the presence of one Ms. Samm “Cherry Bomb” Diep.

Samm Taking Care of Frank and His Broken Leg

We consider ourselves to be quite fortunate to have someone with Samm’s playing skill and background in our own backyard, so after much whining, begging, kicking and screaming on my part, Samm finally relented and said she would lend a hand.  Plus, just having her around helps class up the joint a bit.  So if you need some help picking out some gear and you want advice from an actual pro, just give us a call and ask for Samm.

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Frank the Jetsetter

On July 21, 2008, in PoolDawg's Friends, WPBA, by Michael Feiman

Frank our beloved PoolDawg is racking up some serious frequent flyer miles.  First, he stopped off at the Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour in Tempe with our favorite multi-tasker, Samm Diep.  Frank got to hang out with all sorts of people there including Susan “The Mad Hatter” Mello, Kathleen Lawless and event winner Nina Tagley.  Colorado was well supported there with both Samm and up and comer Nicole Kinney who took the WPBA qualifier for the Carolina Classic.

I wish I could’ve been there, but it sounds like Frank had a good time.  After Arizona, Frank stopped off in Florida at Amy’s Billiards for a Ladies Spirit Tour event where our alltime favorite WBPAer Debbie Schjodt steamrolled, going undefeated and taking down Michelle Monk 7-4 in the finals.  Debbie promised me a full report with pictures, so I should have those in the next few days.

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Another Friend for Frank

On July 17, 2008, in Fun with Frank, by Michael Feiman

As some of you know, my good buddy Samm Diep is the local face of pool here in Colorado and every once in a while I get her to schlep up to the PoolDawg office to grab some food and talk about all things pool.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Despite her best effort to get me to eat healthy, we ended up at Efrain’s in Lafayette for some delicious Mexican grub. For some reason Samm decided to order a steak, but I was all over the enchiladas… Mmmm… enchiladas…

Anyway, after lots of tasty food, we decided it would be fun to introduce Frank to Samm’s dog Vegas.  Poor Vegas was clearly confused, as he was showing Frank all kinds of love but Frank was just standing there like some sort of statue.

We really need to teach old Frank how to socialize, because he just doesn’t seem to get it.  Its tough though, since he doesn’t get to spend much time around other dogs, but we’re confident he’ll learn.

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