Coin Holders!!

On September 1, 2009, in New Products, by Michael Feiman

Well, after talking about this for far longer than was ever necessary, PoolDawg finally has some coin holders for all you league players.  They hold a roll of quarters and dispense them with a little spring.  Think Pez Dispenser, only without the funny head and delicions candy.  Yes, we looked into doing a Pez style with Frank’s head, but its surprisingly expensive to custom make one of these things.


For the first run, we decided to go with the old school black and white logo.  We don’t have a professional looking picture of it yet, so for now you’ll just have to deal with the “snapshot from Mike’s swag camera” version until Keven gets a chance to shoot a nice pretty one for the site.

We’re selling them for $1.95 so thanks to your pals at PoolDawg, you’ll never have to walk around the pool room with your pockets a janglin’ again.

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