Pool Cue Tip “Tips” from Tiger

On November 7, 2008, in Pool Cue Maintenance, Pool Cue Tips, by Michael Feiman

As far as I’m concerned, replacing my pool cue tip is one of the more stressful aspects of owning a pool cue.  When my cue needs a new tip, I always think about doing it myself, but in the end I have someone do it for me.  Call me a chicken, but I just can’t bring myself to taking a blade to my pool cue.  Of course it doesn’t help that I’m not mechanically inclined enough to hang a painting let alone do work on my pool cue, but that’s just me.

My issues aside, there are still lots of people who can replace their pool cue tips without any problems.  Since I’m not one of those people though, I decided to ask the guys over at Tiger how one would go about replacing a tip.  Here’s what they sent me:

“We strongly recommend you have a professional cuesmith install your laminated cue tip. If you choose to do so yourself, roughen the back (glue side, it is stamped with an embossed initial or black if a Sniper) side of the cue tip with sandpaper, apply a drop of Insta-Cure+® (or other CA type glue) to the sanded side and rub the tip (glue side) on the sanded and cleaned ferrule to spread the glue, center the tip on the ferrule and let it set for 15 seconds. Moisten the sides of the tip and trim to fit with a single edge blade (be careful!!!). Then shape the tip to your preference and your tip is ready to be played with. Enjoy!”

I swear someday I’m going to try this, although I’ll have to keep the paramedics close by since I’ll probably end up hacking off body parts in the process.

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