Playing the Ghost

On October 17, 2008, in Billiards Training, by Michael Feiman

Ok, we get asked this question all the time.  ”What’s the best way for me to practice?”  If you ask almost any pro player, they’ll tell you that they use a technique called “playing the ghost” in order to practice.  So the next question that comes up is “What do you mean ‘playing the ghost’?”  

Here are the basics to how it works.  You rack and break, then take ball in hand.  From there you need to run out.  Run out and you win.  Miss or scratch and the ghost wins.   We asked the guys over at Billiards Digest if they could send us an article that might provide a little more detail and they were happy to help out.  Check the link below to see the entire article about playing the ghost.

Ask the Billiards Digest Editors: “Playing the Ghost” Practice Routine

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