Mezz Cues – Excellence and Accuracy

On April 2, 2008, in Billiards Products, by Michael Feiman

As one of the more popular cue brands in Europe, Mezz cues are quickly gaining notoriety in the states as a low deflection alternative to Predator. Starting at just $268.00 for the Sneaky Pete, Mezz offers a series of elegant, high performance cues that feature their proprietary WD700 low deflection shaft. Mezz cues range from traditional to sublime utilizing such exotic inlays as turquoise, malachite and even paua shell.

Beyond beauty, what really makes Mezz stand out from the crowd is their WD700 low deflection shaft. This shaft provides increased accuracy and more power to the spin on every shot. Each shaft features a Moori III tip, widely considered the best cue tip on the market and the X Ferrule for extra performance.

In addition to the upgraded tip and ferrule, every WD700 shaft features Mezz’s ISS Technology built into the tip-end of each cue. ISS utilizes light internal support materials while the softer X Ferrule creates an impact that “holds” the cue ball longer, adding additional spin and creating greater accuracy through lower deflection.

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