MySpace Officially Sucks

On August 18, 2008, in Fun with Frank, by Michael Feiman

Well, we just had to disconnect to 1,600 friends today thanks to our pals over at MySpace.  It seems that for some unknown reason, MySpace decided to delete our account.  No warning, no notice, no nothing.  We went to log Frank in this afternoon and poof… Frank’s page is gone.  We don’t know what happened, but needless to say, we’re no longer fans of the MySpace and Frank is one very, very sad bulldog.

Because we’re all about silver lining’s here at PoolDawg, we’re looking at this as a kick in the butt for us to get Frank’s site up and running.  We’ve registered his blog and a domain name for him, but it will take some time to get everything up and running on the new site (thank god we kept copies of all the pictures!).  So, be the first to visit Frank at his new pad.  Until the domain is up, you can find Frank at  Be sure to log in and follow the adventures of Frank.  As an added bonus, you can track how long it takes for Frank to rebuild after Hurricane MySpace swept through and blew his dawg house down.

Edit: The domain is up and running, so you can now find Frank at

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