What’s in Archer’s Case?

On June 23, 2008, in Pool Cue Tips, by Michael Feiman

As I’m sure you’ve seen on the site, we carry a ton of Scorpion cues.  Johnny Archer, the player rep for Scorpion, recently did a “what’s in the case” segment with Inside Pool and revealed some really interesting stuff.  Aside from his collection of old chalk, one of the things he talked about was his choice of pool cue tip.  As we all know, there are just a ton of different tips on the market and the assumption is that the pros only play with the really expensive ones.

As you’re about to learn, that isn’t necessarily the case.  When asked about his pool cue tip by Samm Diep, Johnny mentioned that he plays with not Moori, not Tiger, but a Triangle tip.  This is the standard tip that you’ll find on a number of brands including McDermott, Joss and Lucasi and for less than the cost of 3 Moori Tips, you can buy a box of 50 Triangle tips.

The biggest surprise though… not a single can of Mountain Dew in his case.  :-)

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