No Freaking Way!!

On September 9, 2009, in New Products, by Michael Feiman

I hate using the blog to shill about new products, but every once in a while I have to make an exception.  We got a ton of new stuff (over 100 new items) in and for the most part have them up on the site, but there’s one new line that I’m totally pumped about – Voodoo cues!

Voodoo Cues – 8 Styles at $116.00

These things are seriously badass.  They’re made by the same guys who created the Outlaw cues and use a sick laser engraving process to etch out the designs.  Just like the Outlaws, the Voodoo cues have steel joints and butt caps but instead of the stacked leather wraps, the Voodoo’s have a really nice textured black leather wrap.  As for how they look, lets just say that this is one cue where you need to use that zoom tool.  There’s just an amazing level of detail and the designs themselves were inspired by actual Louisiana voodoo art.

Alright, I’m done shilling today.  Back later with your regularly scheduled programming.

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