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On August 5, 2008, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

I just finished up watching the Great Lakes Classic on ESPN2 last night and I gotta tell you, I love the cue view!  I know that many of us already know where the players are hitting the cue ball in order to make certain shots, but the goal of the bug is to help the casual spectator get a better understanding for the game.

If you watch old billiards telecasts and listen to the commentary, you’ll hear Mitch and Ewa talking about where the player is going to hit the cue ball, but for the layman, it simply doesn’t make much sense.  To see if the cue view is doing its job, I pulled a couple of friends in to watch an hour of pool to get their opinion.  Neither of these guys play much pool beyond going to the bar and banging some balls around so they don’t know the first thing about actually controlling the cue ball.  Needless to say, they really dug the cue view.

On a side note, congrats to Kelly Fisher on winning the US Open (scheduled for TV viewing 9/11, 9/12 and 9/14 on ESPN) and taking over the #1 spot in the latest WPBA rankings!

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WPBA Great Lakes Classic Results

On June 30, 2008, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

Congrats to The Duchess of Doom Allison Fisher on her win at the 2008 Great Lakes Classic!  This year’s event saw a number of fresh faces reach the round of 16, with names like Tiffany Nelson, Megan Minerich, Yu Ram Cha, Sarah Rousey and Sarah Ellerby joining TV round regulars Kelly Fisher, Karen Corr and Ga Young Kim.  Ultimately though, the TV rounds broke out to a classic Allison Fisher vs. Karen Corr matchup and Kelly Fisher vs. Sarah Ellerby.

After the dust settled on the semifinals, it was Kelly Fisher vs. Allison Fisher in the finals with Allison ultimately taking control of the match and winning 7-4.  For those interested in watching the semis and the finals, currently the Great Lakes Classic is scheduled to air on ESPN August 4th from 8PM to 11PM EST.

For all you night owls who missed this weekend’s airings of the San Diego Classic, you can catch reruns on ESPN2 on July 9th at 3AM EST and on July 13th from 2AM to 4AM EST.

WPBA Great Lakes Classic Starts Today

On June 26, 2008, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

Today marks the start of the next leg of the 2008 WPBA Tour, The Great Lakes Classic.  Coming off of the Generation Pool 9 Ball Championships, young guns Ga Young Kim, Xiaoting Pan, Anna Kostanian and Jasmin Ouschan look to continue their dominance over the veterans like Allison Fisher, Karen Corr and Kelly Fisher.

The 2008 tour is proving to be the most competitive season in years, with fresh faces showing up all over the TV rounds and dozens of up and comers gunning for the top 10.

The WPBA has posted their tournament brackets and it looks like just about every touring player is coming out for the Great Lakes Classic.

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