Those Crazy Kamui Tips

On May 28, 2009, in Pool Cue Tips, by Michael Feiman

Have you ever wondered where some of the crazy names for products come from?  Some of them I get, like the ShamWow (its a shammy, but somehow better), but we just got some new pool cue tips in that were a little baffling – Kamui tips.  Is it a real word or does it just sound cool?

To find out, I went to the least reliable of online sources, Wikipedia.  Apparently Kamui is derived from Kami, the Japanese word for spirit or spiritual essence in the Shinto religion.  So are they trying to say that the tips have some sort of spiritual essence in them?  Probably not, but they are pretty cool regardless (not to mention its fun to say Kamui).  At any rate, here are the details on Kamui tips:

The original Kamui II pool cue tips feature 10 layers of 100% genuine pigskin leather.  Each layer is carefully laminated creating uniform quality and performance and providing the player with a tip that grips chalk like no other.  Available in Soft, Medium Soft, Medium and Hard. 

Kamui II
The new Kamui II Black tips use the same unique production process and the original Kamui II tips, giving the tip high porosity and exceptional chalk grip.  According to the company, the pigskin leather is tanned with a special moisture proof tannin, giving it the coveted black color without changing the tip’s porosity.   Available in Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard.

To show you that I’m not just repurposing an email I sent out this morning, I’ve got a little additional info about Kamui tips that wasn’t in the newsletter.

Kamui Tips Density (according to the manufacturer):
Soft: 69.9
Medium Soft:71.3

Now if Kamui tips aren’t your thing, keep in mind that we’ve got lots of other tips to choose from, ranging from the industry standard Le Pro and Triangle to the high end Tiger, Talisman and Moori tips.  Just check out our entire cue tips selection and choose the tip that works for you.

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