WPBA Great Lakes Pick’em Winners Announced

On June 22, 2009, in Contests, by Michael Feiman

First off, thank you to the hundreds of people who participated in the first ever WPBA Pick’em game.  The points have been tabulated and here are your winners:

First Place: Raymond Blanton, Clover, SC
Second Place: Charles Griffith, Fort Meyers, FL
Third Place: Al Javier, Savannah, GA
Fourth Place: John Budz, Tinley Park, IL
Fifth Place: Deb Coulter, Summersville, WV

Gift certificates have been sent to each of the winners, so if you’re on the list, check your email and claim your prize!  As for the next event, we were going to wait until the WPBA US Open, but we decided to do another pick’em for the WPBA Borderline Billiards satellite event.

More details to follow, so stay tuned…

Last Chance for the Great Lakes Classic Pick’em

On June 16, 2009, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

If you haven’t set your players yet or you haven’t registered, now’s the time.  Make sure your picks are in by midnight tonight, because after that you’re out of luck until the US Open.  Just click the link below, fill out the form and you’re good to go.  No purchase necessary, just PoolDawg looking to give away some free dough.

WPBA Great Lakes Classic Free Pick’em Game

Also, don’t forget that we have live streaming of the non-televised matches starting Thursday morning.  All you need to do is click the link below on Thursday and you’ll be able to watch hours and hours of WPBA women’s pool for free courtesy of the WPBA and your friendly neighborhood PoolDawg.

Watch the WPBA Great Lakes Classic Live (its totally free, I swear!)

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One Week Left To Enter the Free WPBA Pick’em

On June 11, 2009, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

The ladies of the WPBA will be traveling to Indiana next week for the Great Lakes Classic, which means there’s still time to enter the WPBA Great Lakes Classic Pick’em Challenge.

Entry is free and you have a chance to win PoolDawg gift certificates, so just click the link (or the gigantic banner below), register and choose the players you think will finish in the Top 8.

As with any good game, there are prizes to be had:

1st Place: $100 PoolDawg Gift Certificate
2nd Place: $50 PoolDawg Gift Certificate
3rd Place: $25 PoolDawg Gift Certificate
4th Place: $10 PoolDawg Gift Certificate
5th Place: $10 PoolDawg Gift Certificate

(If there’s a tie, it’ll be broken by random drawing)

No purchase necessary.

As of today, the top vote getters are: Allison Fisher, Ga Young Kim, Kelly Fisher, Karen Corr and Jeanette Lee.


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WPBA Pick’em Game

On May 8, 2009, in Uncategorized, by Michael Feiman

Every once in a while I get a flash of above averageness here at PoolDawg and the other day I had one of those flashes.  I thought to myself “Self, would it be fun to have a WPBA pick’em game?”.  Much to my surprise the answer was “that’s not an entirely awful idea”.  Strapped with self-confidence, I rolled up my sleeves, did some work and came up with The WPBA Great Lakes Classic Pick’em!

Before I even get into how it works, let me state there is no purchase is necessary to participate.  We’re doing this because it sounds like a good time and we love the folks at the WPBA.  We are giving away prizes, but it doesn’t matter one bit if you now or ever have bought anything from us (although we would love for you to consider buying your billiards supplies from us).

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s how it works: – You pick who you think are going to finish in the Top 8.  You get points for each correct pick (1st place gets 160 points, 2nd place gets 150 points, etc).  The person with the most points wins a $100 gift certificate from PoolDawg.  We’re also giving out $50, $25 and $10 gift certificate for 2nd through 5th place.  You can go pick now and you have up until June 16th to change your picks.

No gimmicks, no catches, just fun, good times and prizes from PoolDawg.  For more information just click the link below:

WPBA Great Lakes Classic Pick’em Challenge

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More WPBA Goodness

On August 5, 2008, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

I just finished up watching the Great Lakes Classic on ESPN2 last night and I gotta tell you, I love the cue view!  I know that many of us already know where the players are hitting the cue ball in order to make certain shots, but the goal of the bug is to help the casual spectator get a better understanding for the game.

If you watch old billiards telecasts and listen to the commentary, you’ll hear Mitch and Ewa talking about where the player is going to hit the cue ball, but for the layman, it simply doesn’t make much sense.  To see if the cue view is doing its job, I pulled a couple of friends in to watch an hour of pool to get their opinion.  Neither of these guys play much pool beyond going to the bar and banging some balls around so they don’t know the first thing about actually controlling the cue ball.  Needless to say, they really dug the cue view.

On a side note, congrats to Kelly Fisher on winning the US Open (scheduled for TV viewing 9/11, 9/12 and 9/14 on ESPN) and taking over the #1 spot in the latest WPBA rankings!

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