Black Friday, Gift Certificate Winners and More

On November 22, 2010, in Contests, by Michael Feiman

Lots to talk about today.  First off, I wanted to let everyone know that our Black Friday sales are starting today.  This year the way it’s going to work is as follows:

Starting today (11/22), we’ll be releasing one deal every day through Cyber Monday (11/29).  Every morning we’ll be adding a new deal, starting with today’s deal of a yellow Action 2×2 Hard case for $29.95.  Just check the Black Friday deals page every morning around 8:30AM MST to see the latest deal.

Second, we’ve got a winner for our weekly review contest.  Tracy gets a $25 gift certificate for her excellent review of the Action Velcro Pool Glove.  Since it’s Monday morning that means the review contest is starting over.  The best review for the week of 11/22 scores a gift certificate.

Lastly, I wanted to let everyone know about a special discount that we’ll be running through Cyber Monday.  When you place your order, enter the code “cyberdawg” in the discount code box in the shopping cart and you’ll get 5% off your order.

Code: cyberdawg
Discount: 5% Off
Expires: 11/29/10

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How To Save 10 Bucks On Your Next PoolDawg Order

On August 6, 2010, in About PoolDawg, by Michael Feiman

A little while ago, we rolled out a new payment platform called eBillme. Basically, this is a payment option that allows you to purchase without using a credit card. When you select eBillme as your payment option, you are given the choice to pay for your order through electronic bill pay (it works with all the major banks) or by printing out your bill and taking it to any of over 75,000 walk in locations. If you have a store near you that offers Moneygram services, you can pay your bill there (Wal-Mart, 7-11, CVS, most grocery stores, etc).

We wanted to get some feedback on this payment option, so eBillme was nice enough to offer a special deal for PoolDawg customers where you’ll get $10 off your order if you spend $100 or more when you pay with eBillme. Here’s how it works:

  • Select your items and proceed to the checkout
  • Select eBillme as your payment option
  • Enter the code SAVE10EBM at the Ebillme checkout (the code only works there, not in the PoolDawg discount code box in the shopping cart)

Once you enter the code, you’ll see ten bucks come off your bill total. Once you pay your bill, we’ll ship out your order.  This is a completely new way to shop online, so needless to say we’re excited to hear your feedback.  Be sure to check out all the stores that offer eBillme as a payment option in eBillme’s debt free shopping portal and the eBillme blog (where they were nice enough to give us a mention!).

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