As promised, our pal Debbie Schjodt sent over tons of pictures from her recent win at the Ladies Spirit tour stop at Amy’s Billiards in Florida.  In true Debbie fashion, she and Frank headed down to the bar after her win to celebrate.

I’m not going to post all the pictures here on the blog, mostly because there are just so many of them, but if you want to check out all the photos, you can find them at Frank’s MySpace page.  Also, I wanted to give a big thank you to Debbie’s friend and fellow Spirit Tour pro Niki Rasmussen for showering our little Frank with so much undeserved attention!

Next stop for Debbie will be next week at the WPBA US Open at the Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma.  If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and say hi to Debbie and Frank!

Frank the Jetsetter

On July 21, 2008, in PoolDawg's Friends, WPBA, by Michael Feiman

Frank our beloved PoolDawg is racking up some serious frequent flyer miles.  First, he stopped off at the Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour in Tempe with our favorite multi-tasker, Samm Diep.  Frank got to hang out with all sorts of people there including Susan “The Mad Hatter” Mello, Kathleen Lawless and event winner Nina Tagley.  Colorado was well supported there with both Samm and up and comer Nicole Kinney who took the WPBA qualifier for the Carolina Classic.

I wish I could’ve been there, but it sounds like Frank had a good time.  After Arizona, Frank stopped off in Florida at Amy’s Billiards for a Ladies Spirit Tour event where our alltime favorite WBPAer Debbie Schjodt steamrolled, going undefeated and taking down Michelle Monk 7-4 in the finals.  Debbie promised me a full report with pictures, so I should have those in the next few days.

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Lafayette, CO (PRWEB) July 7, 2008 — PoolDawg, an online leader in retail billiards and game room equipment, today announced their sponsorship of WPBA touring pro pool player Debbie Schjodt. Schjodt, currently ranked 19th by the Women’s Pro Billiards Association, will represent PoolDawg at upcoming pro billiards events including the 2008 US Open later this month.

“We are delighted to have Debbie as part of our team,” said Mike Feiman, PoolDawg’s Director of Marketing. “Debbie is not only a great pool player, but she fits perfectly with PoolDawg’s brand identity. In searching for a player rep, we were looking for someone who not only was a good pool player, but also someone who was approachable for pool enthusiasts and fans. Debbie was exactly what we were looking for.”

Born in Seoul, South Korea and currently residing in Orlando, Florida Debbie turned pro in November 2007. In addition to her Top 20 ranking in the WPBA, Ms. Schjodt finished 2007 as the #1 ranked player on the Ladies Spirit Tour and is currently ranked #1 for the 2008 season.

About PoolDawg, Inc. is the recognized online leader in retail billiards and game room equipment, offering over 2,000 products ranging from pool cues and cases to dart supplies and game room furniture. As one of the web’s largest billiards retailers, PoolDawg offers cues from over thirty manufacturers including Scorpion, Action, Meucci, Lucasi, McDermott, Schon and Viking.


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More Fresh Faces Making Their Mark

On June 27, 2008, in WPBA, by Michael Feiman

I don’t want it to sound like we don’t like the WPBA mainstays because we really do, but there’s something really exciting about seeing a bunch of new faces rolling.  The Great Lakes Classic has been a bit of a coming out party for a number of players that we haven’t seen much of.  Names like Sarah Rousey and my personal hero Tequila Schjodt are still on the winner’s side and one win away from sliding into the Round of 16. When you look at this with the past two events that saw Gerda Hofstatter and Anna Kostanian making it to the TV round, all the sudden you have a very different WPBA.

I mean how cool was it to see Anna Kostanian up against Xiaoting Pan and Jasmin Ouschan against Ga Young Kim in the semifinals of the Generation Pool tournament?  Unless something catastrophic happens, Anna should coast into the Round of 16 at which point it will be the luck of the redraw.

We’ll see what happens tonight, but the future is definitely looking bright for the WPBA.

To keep up to date on results, just head over to the WPBA’s website at

The Walk of Shame

On June 16, 2008, in Trade Shows, by Michael Feiman

Well, I dragged my ass back into the office today after a week of alcohol induced debautchery and still don’t think I’ve fully recovered from attempting to party like the proverbial rock star that I’m not.

The first night I was there, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the lovely and effervescent Ms. Debbie Schjodt. She mentioend that her nickname on the tour is “The Intimidator”, but that’s just not gonna work for me. From now on, she’ll be known to me as Debbie “Tequila” Schjodt.

So I run into Debbie at the pro arena and we decide to hit the Hilton bar for some drinks. After countless beers (and vodka and sodas for Debbie), Debbie orders a shot of Patrón. Well, I’m not one to let a girl drink alone, so I stagger down the tequila highway. Personally, I’m not a fan of tequila, but Patrón (which I’d never had before) was pretty damn smooth and tasty, so we ordered a second before heading out.

About ten minutes later, I got to experience Patrón in reverse. Debbie being Debbie offers to “hold my hair”, which if you’ve ever met me is pretty damn funny, so now I’m trying to not laugh while involuntarily removing beer and tequila from my system. Needless to say, I never made it back to the pro arena to watch Johnny Archer win a hill-hill battle. Instead, I apparently went to a sports bar, ordered some grub with my boys and proceeded to spend what I thought was 5 minutes but was actually about 45 minutes in the head. It all gets sort of fuzzy from there, but my boys did get me back to my hotel room instead of leaving me out at some fountain which apparently I really, really wanted to hang out at.

The upside of this experience though is that it reminded me of a really funny (and somewhat applicable) Jim Breuer bit. Enjoy!

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