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On September 27, 2011, in About PoolDawg, PoolDawg News and PR, by Michael Feiman

Yeah, I know the title is corny, hackneyed and generally uninspired.  Sometimes though, you just end up going with the first title that comes to mind.  It’s not that bad, is it?

Annnnyhow, if you get our weekly emails, follow us on Twitter or “like” us on Facebook, you know this already, but I’m super pumped about it, so I figured I’d mention it again.  We have a new instructional writer and her name is Jennifer Barretta.

I know some of you are wondering why an ecommerce site would bother having not one, not two but three writers churning out instructional articles.  That’s for content sites, right?  Well, yes and no.  It is true that typically you’d find these sorts of articles on a content site, but for us it’s all about keeping our customers happy and giving them what they want.

Our customers have told us over and over how much they enjoy the free instructional articles and we’re all about making our customers happy, so rather than just sit back and be satisfied with two columns, we added a third.

As to why we chose Jen, not only is she one of the top female pool players in the US, but she’s also a solid writer and pretty damn funny.  Since we now have 3 writers, we’re going to be releasing a new article every week (assuming everyone hits their deadlines of course).  Jen’s article “Thoughts from the Electric Chair” was today’s article, next week Samm will be publishing her new article, Liz Ford the following week, you get the picture.

So as long as you all keep telling us you like the articles, we’ll keep them coming.  Just like this blog though, we need your feedback.  Tell us what you like about the articles.  Tell us what you want Samm, Liz and Jen to write about.  Your feedback is what

In an effort to bring more education and information to the PoolDawg website, we’ve added not one, but two new featured columnists – WPBA touring pro Liz Ford and pool player/instructor/writer/entrpenuer Samm Diep.  Most of you already know Samm, since she’s become an honorary member of our staff, complete with her own South Park character and bio on the staff page.  Plus, she’s in all those “what’s in the case” videos that are all over YouTube, knows just about everyone in the billiards industry and writes a fantastic instructional blog.

samm-newSamm’s Cue Tips

And then there’s Liz Ford.  She finished last season ranked #27 (although based on the new WPBA ranking system, she’ll be ranked #23 to start the 2010 season).  Liz has pool on her mind 24/7 (as you can see in the picture below) and we’re really excited to have her unique insights on our site.


Liz Ford’s Dawg Training

In addition to writing for us and playing professionally on the WPBA tour, Liz was also featured on a very cool TV show called “Time Warp” on The Discovery Channel.  I was able to find a clip of it on YouTube, so be sure to check it out.

Liz and Samm will both be contributing an article every month.  Liz’s articles can be found in her new “Dawg Training” column and Samm’s can be found in the new “Cue Tips” column.

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