PoolDawg Gear Sighting

On August 28, 2008, in APA, by Michael Feiman

I received a really nice email today from one of our customers who heads up an APA team in Massachusetts.  We helped him get his team hooked up with some Dawgfather shirts and he was nice enough to send a us a picture with the entire crew sportin’ our most popular tee shirt.

Want to see yourself up on the PoolDawg blog?  Just fire over a picture of yourself or your team wearing your PoolDawg gear and we’ll put it up like we did for Phil.

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New Shirt for APA Nationals!

On August 7, 2008, in APA, Trade Shows, by Michael Feiman

Since we love Elvis and we love going to Vegas for the BCAPL and APA Nationals, we thought we’d roll out a new PoolDawg shirt for the upcoming APA event.  So, in honor of Sin City’s most famous icon, PoolDawg is proud to present the new “Viva Las PoolDawg” t-shirt.

Its going to be a few weeks before we’ll have these on the site to sell, but if you’re going to APA’s, be sure to stop by the PoolDawg booth and pick one up.

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Frank’s Travel Agents

On February 25, 2008, in APA, Fun with Frank, Trade Shows, by Michael Feiman

Frank, Seamus and Malachi

As we roll into Spring and Summer, Frank will be traveling to some of his favorite hot spots, most notably Las Vegas for the BCA and APA shows.  He’s particularly fond of the Splash Bar at the Riviera.  Since the BCA will be holding the 9 Ball Championships at the Expo this year, Frank will also be heading over to Charlotte.

As you can see in the picture above, Frank is very busy booking his air and hotel reservations with his travel gnomes, Seamus and Malachi.  They recently got fired from Travelocity, but have since started their own travel agency.  We’re confident that Seamus and Malachi will be able to get Frank and the PoolDawg crew booked at only the finest establishments.  Who knows… maybe Frank and his boys will grab their pool cues and head over to a pool hall while they’re traveling.

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