Liz Ford Nabs An APA Franchise

On April 5, 2011, in APA, PoolDawg's Friends, by Michael Feiman

I’ve known this was in the works for some time, but the other day Liz Ford and the APA made it official.  Liz is now the proud owner of the Green Mountain APA serving Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, Lamoille and Washington counties in Vermont.

As most of you know, Liz has been a friend of PoolDawg for years, helping us out with copy writing, lending a hand in our trade show booth from time to time and of course imparting her wisdom to all of our customers via her Dawg Training monthly column.

She’ll be joining a number of other pro players who own APA franchises including fellow WPBA player Ewa Laurance and trick shot champion Andy Segal.  We all wish her the best of luck with her new business and hope she still has some time to keep up with her monthly column!

Anyone in the Vermont area can head to to learn more about joining an APA league in Liz’s area.


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Packing for APA Nationals

On August 12, 2009, in APA, by Michael Feiman

Ah, August.  Every year at this time, Team PoolDawg tries to balance its efforts to provide the best customer service in the industry with packing up massive amounts of product for the annual APA Team Nationals event at the Riv in Vegas.

Keven’s been hard at work packing what I affectionately call “the sarcophagus” with as much product as he can possibly fit in there.  If you’ve seen our booth, you know how much stuff we bring out with us.  As you might guess, I was more than happy to supervise and take pictures while Keven showed off his Tetris skills, expertly filling every last square inch of the giant box.


Once again, PoolDawg will be the official table spot sponsor of this event, which means if you’re playing, you’ll be seeing our happy little logo on all those beautiful Valley tables.


Everyone in the PoolDawg office (including yours truly) will be spending some time in the booth this year, so if you’re headed out to the desert, be sure to stop by and put some faces to the names.  You’ll be shocked to see how close our South Park characters look to the real us.

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PoolDawg To Sponsor APA National Championships

On April 20, 2009, in PoolDawg News and PR, by Michael Feiman

Yes, PoolDawg has signed on to be an official sponsor for the APA Singles and Team Championships!  Here’s the official press release:


LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (April 16, 2009) — PoolDawg has reached a deal with the American Poolplayers Association (APA) to become an official sponsor of all APA National Championships.   PoolDawg will be the official table spot sponsor of both the APA National Singles and Team Championships held in Las Vegas annually at the Riviera Hotel & Casino.

As part of the agreement, all participants in the national championships will receive a commemorative memento courtesy of PoolDawg.

“We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with PoolDawg for years.  They’ve been a major advertiser in our national membership magazine and an exhibitor at our National Team Championships.  This agreement helps to further our relationship with them,” said APA President Reneé Lyle.

“When it comes to amateur pool leagues, there is no bigger name than the APA.  We are extremely excited to come on board as a sponsor of the APA Championships.” said Mike Feiman, Director of Marketing for PoolDawg.  “As the largest amateur pool league, the APA provides us with a unique opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of poolplayers.  We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to further expand our longstanding relationship with the APA and its members.”


What does this mean?  It means that everyone playing in the championships is going to get a special freebie in their registration packets.  It also means that the playing tables are going to look a little different this year.  As we’re officially the “table spot sponsor”, that means we’ll be designing the pool table spot that will appear on every table.  Curious as to what its going to look like?  Check it out:

PoolDawg Pool Table Spot

Best. Game. Ever!

On April 15, 2009, in Billiards Training, by Michael Feiman

Let’s face it, nobody (well, almost nobody) likes to spend hours running drills.  We try to make it interesting by playing the ghost, but ultimately, it gets hard to motivate yourself to practice shots and run drills for hours on end.  With that in mind, we found a new game that helps make training a lot less painful (and even dare I say… fun) – The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game.

Here’s the deal.  You get a 52 card deck, each with a different shot.  Different shots carry different points. The shots range from pretty easy to crazy hard.  Banks, cut shots, combos, English and ball control are all part of the game.  Its sort of like HORSE, but you get points for making shots instead of letters for missing shots.  Check out this sample card and you’ll get an idea as to what the game is like.

Still not convinced?  Come over to the website and we’ll give you four more sample cards.  All you need to do is click the link on the page and print out the cards.  It took everyone here at the office all of about 3 seconds to get completely hooked on this game.

As for who the creators are?  Well, see for yourself.

Back from the Coast

On October 6, 2008, in APA, WPBA, by Michael Feiman

Hangover be damned!  I was determined to make it back into the office today and sure enough here I am, Monday morning to report on the wild times in Oregon.  After landing in Portland, I grabbed my rental car and hit the road for what I thought was going to be a 2 hour drive to Lincoln City.  Instead of using my handy dandy Magellen GPS to lead the way though I decided to try and kick it old school with a map.  4 hours and countless stops for directions later, I did finally arrive at the Chinook Winds Resort.

The place was pretty damn swanky… much nicer than I expected.  The last time I’d been to an Indian Casino was when I was in college driving through Palm Springs so I wasn’t expecting much.  This place was like a mini-vegas hotel though.  Anyway, I got checked in and somehow managed to pull a room with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

After getting settled in I headed over to the APA room to check out the scene.  Didn’t take too long to find her though… I just looked for the tallest girl in the room and like a beacon of light, there she was playing in some of the mini-tournaments the APA was running with drink in hand.

All I can say is that if you ever have the opportunity to attend a WPBA event, you will not be disappointed.  Melissa Morris, Sarah Rousey and Debbie were even able to get me out on the dance floor which is something that hasn’t happened since my Bar Mitzvah.  I also had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with the infamous OMGWTF who is just as funny in person as she is on her blog.

We’ll be helping Frank get his pictures up on Frank’s Blog in the next couple days, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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