The Generation Pool Tourney

On June 17, 2008, in Trade Shows, WPBA, by Michael Feiman

I’m sure you’ve all seen the results of the 9 Ball Championships, but I wanted to give the old rundown anyway.  First off, the event was an absolute blast.  The BCA folks did a really nice job putting on a good show.  Plus, the whole free food/free booze thing didn’t hurt either.  Honestly when I heard there was going to be food provided, I was expecting the standard rubber chicken fare that is usually served when the phrase “free food” is used.  Color me surprised when I got to the buffet line to rock some garlic mashed potatoes, veggies and sirloin beef tips!

Now I did have fun at the event and I got to hang out and meet a ton of pool players thanks to my new friend Tequila Schjodt, but I do have a gripe goes by the name of ESPN.  Unfortunately, our tables were set directly behind some cameraman from ESPN, so I got to spend the evening staring at the back of some guy’s head instead of watching Jeremy Jones and Ronnie Wiseman rattle and scratch.  The picture here doesn’t even do it justice, as this was one where the cameraman was taking a break and kneeling.  Most of the time he was staring into the lens, so watching the match was a little, shall we say, obstructed.

Anyway, even with the view of the cameraman’s posterior, it was still a good time with some excellent pool to be had.  Kudos to Ga Young Kim, Xingtao Pan, Jasmin Ouschan and Anna Kostanian on not only playing some excellent pool, but seriously outplaying and out-entertaining the men.  I’ve heard that the semis and the finals are slated to air on ESPN July 19th, so be sure to tune in and check it out.

Frank’s Travel Agents

On February 25, 2008, in APA, Fun with Frank, Trade Shows, by Michael Feiman

Frank, Seamus and Malachi

As we roll into Spring and Summer, Frank will be traveling to some of his favorite hot spots, most notably Las Vegas for the BCA and APA shows.  He’s particularly fond of the Splash Bar at the Riviera.  Since the BCA will be holding the 9 Ball Championships at the Expo this year, Frank will also be heading over to Charlotte.

As you can see in the picture above, Frank is very busy booking his air and hotel reservations with his travel gnomes, Seamus and Malachi.  They recently got fired from Travelocity, but have since started their own travel agency.  We’re confident that Seamus and Malachi will be able to get Frank and the PoolDawg crew booked at only the finest establishments.  Who knows… maybe Frank and his boys will grab their pool cues and head over to a pool hall while they’re traveling.

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Generation PoolFor the fourth consecutive year, PoolDawg is proud to announce its support and official sponsorship of the BCA’s annual 9 Ball Championships. The GenerationPool 9 Ball Championships (formally will be held at the 2008 BCA Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the Semifinals on June 11th and the Finals on June 12th. ESPN has announced that they will be adding an additional 2 hours of coverage, so anyone not able to attend the event will be treated to a total of 6 hours of coverage of the event on ESPN and ESPN2.

“As one of the most prestigious events in the billiards industry, PoolDawg is once again proud to provide its support to the BCA, pool players and the new billiards portal” said Mike Feiman, PoolDawg’s Director of Marketing. “We are looking forward to seeing some of the innovative changes that the BCA and ESPN have planned for this event.”

PoolDawg will once again serve as the closed captioning sponsor of this event who’s storied past has solidified the legacies of players including Allison Fisher, Karen Corr and Johhny Archer as well as launched the careers of young stars like Jasmin Ouschan and Shane Van Boening.

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