Write Reviews, Win Dawg Dough

On October 5, 2012, in Contests, by Michael Feiman

Want to win some holiday spending cash at PoolDawg? Well, you’re in luck, because every week for the rest of the year, we’re going to be giving away a $50 gift certificate for product reviews. What we’re looking for are well written, honest reviews of the 3,000+ products that we carry.  Whether it’s a positive review or a negative review doesn’t matter.  What matters is whether or not the review will help customers make a purchasing decision.

As with anything, there are rules, so here they are:

  • Review must be at least 50 words in length (and writing “I really, really, really, really, really, really liked it” to boost word count isn’t gonna cut it).
  • Review must substantially help our customers make a purchasing decision about the product. We don’t want to just hear that you liked it or hated it. We want to hear why.
  • Please avoid using language that will potentially offend. No F Bombs people!  If the review is vulgar, or unrelated to the product, it’s gonna get bounced.
  • You can write as many reviews as you want, but keep in mind we’re looking for quality, not quantity.

We’ll choose the winning review each Friday (1 winner per week through the rest of 2012) with the first winner being selected on 10/12/12 and we’ll announce it here on the blog and on Facebook. The winner will be chosen by the folks here in the office.  Also, in order to keep the spam low and the quality high, every review gets held in moderation until a human can review it.  It usually takes 1 business day for us to roll the reviews live, so if your review isn’t showing, just be patient.

One other thing: In order to write a review, you have to create an account with PoolDawg. We don’t allow for anonymous reviews, so anyone who wants to write a review is required to log into their account to do so.

As Herm Edwards once said “Put your name on it!”.


Inside the Mezz WD700 Shaft

On September 25, 2012, in Dawgbusters, by Keven Engelke

Another busted shaft, another opportunity to dissect a shaft.  This time, we’re looking at the Mezz WD700 shaft.  One of the folks that works here had her ferrule crack on her, so we took off the tip and ferrule to see what was inside.  Here’s what we found:

As you can see, the top of the shaft is filled with a foam core.  This is a similar tactic that other shaft makers have used, with the focus being to make the front of the shaft as light as possible without running afoul of Predator’s patents.

As we know, Predator has the patent for building a shaft with empty space at the top, so that means everyone else has to find a way to lighten the front end without leaving it hollow.  We’ve seen OB take a similar approach with the foam core, however unlike the OB shaft, once you get past the 4 or so inches of foam, the rest of the shaft is solid (OB inserts rubber throughout the remainder of the shaft).

Mezz also uses a unique ferrule to reduce the front end weight further.  Instead of using a standard ferrule, they go with their X Ferrule, which is constructed with a lightweight nylon fiber.



A Chance To Win Your Very Own Frank!

On August 15, 2012, in Contests, by Michael Feiman

Ok, here’s the deal.  Last year, we sent our mascot Frank T. Dawg to Las Vegas for the Mosconi Cup.  While he was there, the both Team USA and Team Europe took some pictures with Frank and autographed him.  We then donated this particular Frank to our friends at the Billiards Education Foundation (BEF for short) to be used as a fundraiser.  Well, the time for raising funds has come.

For just five bucks, you get your very own Frank autographed by the likes of Johnny Archer, Darren Appleton, Shane van Boening and Ralf Souquet to name a few.  Plus, all the money raised goes toward bringing pool to junior players, so it’s a pretty good cause.

The BEF folks will be at APA Nationals over the next two weeks selling raffle tickets, but you can also buy them online at http://billiardeducation.org/pooldawg-supports-the-bef/.  Good luck and thank you in advance for supporting the growth of pool!


2013 PoolDawg Catalog Is Coming Soon…

On August 9, 2012, in PoolDawg Catalog, by Michael Feiman

I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for your catalogs (we managed to run out of our 2012 catalogs a month or so ago), so I wanted to give you a heads up on the status of our 2013 catalog.  As of today, we’re about 80% done, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on:

As always, it will be a 60 page catalog packed with a ton of new stuff as well as our best sellers.  We don’t jam all 3,000+ products in there, so you’ll have to check out the website to see everything we carry, but the catalog does a nice job covering the greatest hits so to speak.

Once we’re done building out the catalog and have it printed, we’ll be doing a special mailing for the folks who got caught between catalog publications.  If you want a 2013 catalog and aren’t sure if you’re on the mailing list yet, just head on over to our catalog request form and sign up!


PoolDawg’s July Updates

On July 12, 2012, in PoolDawg Site Updates, by Michael Feiman

There seems to be a new trend on the interwebs nowadays where companies talk about the tweaks and updates they’ve made to their site, giving them codenames to show how important the changes are.  For the really, really important ones that are continually updated, they get a funny name as well as a number.  I’m not one to ignore trends regardless of how asinine awesome they may seem to be (and I’m always looking for something to write for our too often ignored blogs), so here is the first of many PoolDawg updates.

Brand Price Sort (Codename Why Don’t We Have This?): This update was built in order to make it easier to find products when browsing by brand.  Customers can now add a “high to low” or “low to high” sort on every brand.

Category Price Sort (Codename Same As The Other Thing): Same concepts as the brand price sort.  This allows customers to do an A to Z or Z to A price sort when browsing by category and sub-category.

Improved Search Results (Codename Make Search Suck Less): Made some improvements to our search tool, giving customers more accurate results when searching for products.

Removed Browse by Price Navigation (Codename No One Shops That Way): Dropped the navigation option to browse by price as it became redundant with the new price sorting functionality.

In addition to the new functionality, we also added some new products (Codename Motherload 1.0):

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