Practice Drill Of The Week – Cut and Leave

On January 16, 2014, in Pool Practice Drills, by Michael Feiman

Ok, here’s a pretty basic one:


The goal here is to cut the ball into the left corner pocket, leaving the cue ball in the middle of the table (where the big target is located).

The trick here is to make the shot 3 times in a row. Pocketing the ball is easy, but getting the ball to stop on the target 3 times in a row means you’ll need to hit it with the exact same speed and English.


7 Responses to Practice Drill Of The Week – Cut and Leave

  1. Dennis says:

    Did you mean right hand pocket ,,,

  2. Freddie Wiley says:

    Great drill

  3. Chris says:

    Always good to be in the middle of the table!

  4. Wilbert Jacobson says:

    yes this is true but do you have any thing , books , or video that will explain the use of english and , just where to hit the cue ball to get it to do what you want it to ?

  5. Hi Wilbert. For English training we love the Jim Rempe ball. It is by far the easiest way to learn how to put English on the cue ball, especially if you learn by doing instead of watching. Hope this helps!

  6. Helen Bailey says:

    Searching for a pool class or an instructor that teach pool playing.

  7. Hi Helen. You should head over to the PBIA website at They have a full index of all their certified instructors there.

    Good luck!

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