Pool Cues On A Plane? Not So Fast….

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Back in early March the pool world was buzzing from the news that pool cues where going to be allowed as carry on items for airline passengers once again.  We were all so excited that we wouldn’t have to worry about our cues getting broken, bent or stolen at the worst possible time.  No longer would we have to hand over our prized possessions with fingers crossed, literally on a wing and a prayer.   It seemed to good to be true…. and it was.

Yesterday (June 5th) the head of the Transportation Safety Administration announced that they are reversing their entire decision to allow small knives and certain sports equipment on airplanes.  Apparently the decision was widely praised by everybody that doesn’t play pool (see this USA Today article for more details) but we are definitely disappointed.

Everyone getting ready to head to Vegas for one of the National Tournaments this summer needs to go back to the dark ages of shipping, stowing your equipment with your buddy who is driving or handing it over to the TSA with fingers crossed.  Good luck pool players!


9 Responses to Pool Cues On A Plane? Not So Fast….

  1. Keith S. says:

    Where are the pool league lobbyists?

  2. Gerald Huber says:

    typical of a dysfunctional government agency that can’t do anything right, what a joke !

  3. Frustrated says:

    No kidding – over a million members strong, making billions of dollars a year…and they can’t chip in on the effort?

  4. Paul says:

    One way I make sure my stick gets there safe is to have a large suitcase and pack it in between my clothes. And I put 2 locks on the suitcase and if not enough room for 2 locks put duck tape around the zipper and the lock and put something on there so you know if they tried to open your case to see what is inside.

  5. Mark says:

    A few years ago, DFW/LAS I was able to carry my cue on with no problems. LAS/DFW they[edited by moderator] would not let me carry it on so I walked to the post office in the airport and they boxed it up and I mailed it home.

  6. Tyler says:

    I lost a Schon LTD to this b.s.

  7. Don says:

    That is crazy stuff. Guess a pool cue is to scary an item for our government to deal with. Do they honestly think we would whip out our expensive pool cues and beat them over the head with it. Come on be real!!!!

  8. Kurtz says:

    I bought a cue from England 10-15 years ago, transported it back to Australia. They allowed me on the plane with it as long as it was wrapped in god knows how many metres of plastic, The connecting flight i was not so lucky, I was told that it had to be checked into the “Throwers” after finally giving in i allowed it to be taken. When i arrived the case was ruined (padding ripped out and many superficial marks on the outside) The cue had been taken out and sawn in half just below the joint, attached with a letter along the lines of “Dear Kurtz, We suspected that drugs were in or around your item, as of such we searched the item, We did NOT find anything, Sorry for any inconvenience blaa blaa” I was in a uproar, How could this happen?! I tried complaining but i spoke to a guy who said “this kind of stuff happens far far too often and you are pissing in the wind to try and complain” Lets hope things have changed in this many years, But most likely they are worse. Needless to say if i ever go overseas with my Balabuska ill be using the “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!” line.

  9. huy says:

    i was in the nationals 2 of my custom cues the butts were bented and it was in a luggage bag with a hard 4 x 8 case must had put the bags near some kind of heat or something

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