Pool Cues Are Back On The Carry On List!

On March 5, 2013, in PoolDawg News and PR, by Michael Feiman


One of the biggest nightmares for travelling pool players has finally come to an end.  Today TSA announced that as of April 25th, pool cues are once again fine to bring on airplanes as carry on luggage.

“From April 25, airline passengers going through US airports will be allowed to take onboard small Swiss Army-type knives provided the blade is no longer than 2.36 inches, or 6 centimeters, and does not have a locking fixed blade or a molded grip. This will bring US airport carry-on security rules in line with European Union rules.

Bats weighing less than 24 ounces and no longer than 24 inches will also be allowed onboard, as will lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, pool cues, ski poles and up to two golf clubs.”

This is really great news and was a long time coming.  There’s nothing more stressful for a travelling pool player than to send your pool cue through as luggage and spend the next 2-4 hours (or longer) hoping that when you get off the plane, your cue will be there.


8 Responses to Pool Cues Are Back On The Carry On List!

  1. Ed Smith says:

    Finally! A sensible and reasponsible decision was made regarding this issue. Califon Ed

  2. It is about time….Wow,finally !!!!

  3. Akaash Prasad says:

    A good decision taken by the government for the security of the passengers and for the benefits regarding the equipments of the billiard players.

  4. Jim Stone says:

    I found no Place for questions, so will ask in this space. I am looking for a pool case with room for three buts and at least three shafts. My cues are 62″ in length Do you carry such a case. I have looked through page after page but was unable to find a size.
    Thanks Jim

  5. Hi Jim,

    You can always call us at 866-843-3294 with questions. As for your cue, the QKS cases and Instroke cases typically hold 31″ shafts and butts, so they should work for your cue. Let us know if you need help finding a new case or anything else!

  6. Jason Hodges says:

    I just called TSA and they did in fact try to push so that we can bring pool cues on as carry-on. However, they changed their minds and as of today, July 11, 2013, pool cues are not allowed as carry-on.

  7. Steve Kaiblinger says:

    I am flying on Southwest Air at the end of October and their website indicates that I cannot bring my pool cues on the plane, who is right?

  8. Hi Steve. TSA changed their minds on this and added pool cues to the “do not fly” list, so unfortunately you’ll have to check your cue with your luggage.

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