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On March 12, 2012, in About PoolDawg, by Michael Feiman

Back in October, we did a little Q&A session with Keven which everyone seemed to get a kick out of.  Next on the interview list is our very own Indian Princess Alexis Brown.  Alexis has been with us here at PoolDawg since 2007 and if you’ve ever called the PoolDawg offices, chances are you’ve talked to Alexis.

Alexis and Keven at BCA Nationals

1. First things first, what do you do for PoolDawg?
What don’t I do at Pooldawg!!!!  Besides making sure the boys desks are clean and picking up after them as they make messes(typical) , I take care of customer service with my co-worker and girl Mariya.  Also I help with keeping up the website and adding new products.  I have been working at Pooldawg for the last 5 years and it has been the best company I have worked for, the company and my co-workers are the best and loyal.

2. The guy who wrote that “about us” page made the statement that PoolDawg’s employees actually play pool. Do you play and if so, where do you rank in the office?
Yes I play pool. Out of everyone in the office I play the most, I play 3 nights a week. 8 & 9 ball in the APA league and 8 ball in the BCA league.  I’m Captain on 2 of teams I play on.  Also have a table at home which is nice to have for practice.  As for who is the best in office, I think it depends on who you ask but trust me it’s TOTALLY me!!! Whatever Mike says.

3. Word has it that you’re a Tebowmaniac. Any truth to that rumor and if so, is there any cure to this affliction?
Tebow?  Love him.  I was not the biggest fan of Tebow but i am the biggest BRONCO fan ever.  If Tebow can sit in the pocket throw the ball and win us games then I’m on the Tebow wagon.  I just want the BRONCOS to win and if I get good eye candy also I’m all in!!!!  Of course, if Peyton decides to join Bronco Nation, I’m ok with a 4 time MVP taking Tebow’s job.

4. Say you were visited by Alexis Brown from an alternate universe who was exactly the same as you in every way, except instead of being a Broncos and Rockies fan, she was a Raiders and Dodgers fan. Would you hang out with her, or just send her back to her own world?
That is a hard question. I can’t stand the Raiders, Dodgers maybe.  I have to deal with Mike being a Dodgers fan so use to that.  As for being a Raider fan I know she would be a cool girl if she was like me but she would have to go back to her own world.  Sorry Raider fans!!!!

5. Last year, you had an incident with a snowboard that resulted in a procedure where they attached a bunch of metal to your bone. Did they use Adamantium and more importantly, do you have any Wolverine style X-Men powers now?
Love Wolverine but unfortunately didn’t get any superpowers.  With all the pain I went through, it sure seems like I should’ve got something out of it.   I fell snowboarding and shattered my right shoulder, so I had to have surgery.  They put in a metal plate with 8 screws in my shoulder and down my arm.  Was out for a couple of months and I know the boys were having withdraws.  Now I just complain when it gets cold, Like I never did before!!!



One Response to Get To Know PoolDawg – Alexis Brown

  1. Todd Palmer says:

    Hi Alexis
    I don’t know if you remember me, I met you at the BCA last year, my friend and I had a booth down from the pool dawg booth. Thought I would say hi. How the shoulder doing? Hope its healed up. I’m not sure if I will make the BCA this year. Hoping so.
    Todd Palmer

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