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On October 6, 2011, in About PoolDawg, by Michael Feiman

Here at PoolDawg, we feel that you should know something about the folks who work here.  Since there are only a few of us and I need to fill my weekly self-imposed quota for blog posts, I’ve decided to force everyone here to answer some questions about themselves.  We’ll start with Keven.

1. You’ve been at PoolDawg for a long time, but this wasn’t your first job. What else have you done for money?

My financial endeavors began at a very young age. I started by performing pretty basic tasks such as having birthdays, celebrating Christmas and losing teeth and that has been working out pretty good for me to this point although the tooth market has been flat of late. As I grew older found more stable income through an allowance program. I still to this day do some of the same tasks but it’s all pro bono now.

When I got old enough to get a work permit I worked at the local Pick-n-Save in the Dairy Frozen Section. It was pretty cool, pun intended. I mowed some rich people’s lawns for awhile. There I also learned how to curse in Spanish! During the winter months I taught people how to snowboard and was honored as the Snowboard Instructor of the Year 2000. My sister won the award the following year so we are pretty much like the Mannings of Wisconsin snowboard instructing. Then after High School, I joined the Wisconsin Laborers Union and we built roads, driveways, sidewalks and even the Airport runway that I land on every time I fly back home. That was just a summer gig since I was attending UW-Madison although on a couple of occasions I did get to go to the job after the crew was done working to watch concrete dry. That was the best job I ever had! During school we would buy kegs of beer and then charge people $5 bucks but that mostly just covered costs… good times though.

After Madtown I moved to Boulder and started slanging pool cues. I also made some money from Fantasy Football last year. That pretty much covers it.

2. What exactly do you do at PoolDawg?

I am involved in the top secret behind the scenes activities which facilitate the exchange of currency for pool cues and billiard accessories.

3. PoolDawg’s website claims that the employees actually play pool. Do you play and if so, what do you shoot with?

I do play pool on a regular basis but currently I am not in any leagues. We have a pool table in my pad in Downtown Denver which is where I play the most. Sometimes I’ll go down to Sancho’s to “think” and I will shoot some stick while I’m at it. I like to shoot with a OB2 shaft (Action butt) and the Scorpion Break Cue.

4. You seem to go up to the mountains a lot during the winter months. Is that to take care of your pet Yeti or what?.

First of all, Yeti’s make horrible pets… they will rip your leg off, take a bite out of it and then proceed to beat you to death with it so we just let the Yeti’s be. I usually go up to Vail on the weekends to hang out with friends and do some snowboarding. It’s tough sometimes with the traffic and lift lines so I will also do some laps on the Loveland Pass which involves hitch hiking, regular hiking and PBR.

5. Bratwurst, Polish, Italian, Hotdog or Chorizo?

Yes please…. Onions and Extra Kraut!


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