Shamrock Outlaw Cues Are Back (Sort Of)

On January 13, 2011, in New Products, by Michael Feiman

Back in 2008, the fine folks who make the Outlaw cues came out with a special treat – an emerald green stained Outlaw cue with four leave clovers branded into the forearm and butt, topped off with a black saddle leather wrap that looked something like this:

Shamrock Outlaw – 2008 Edition

They did a short run assuming that there wouldn’t be much demand, but the cues were a huge hit (for PoolDawg anyway).  The customers loved ‘em and before we knew what was happening, they sold out.  For the next 18 months, we fielded phone calls on a semi-regular basis asking about the green Outlaw and when it was coming back.

Well, today was the day, or so I thought.  Word came in that the shamrock Outlaws were back in stock, so I immediately got them back up on the website.  Then I opened the box.  Sure enough, it was the shamrock model Outlaw but it was missing something.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first…

Shamrock Outlaw – 2011 Edition

Yep, the shamrock Outlaw is a little less festive this year, as it came in the traditional natural Outlaw stain with the standard stacked saddle leather wrap.  Still though, it is a really nice looking cue.

Maybe 2012 will be the year we get the green Outlaw back.  Until then, we’ll just have to settle for au naturel.


4 Responses to Shamrock Outlaw Cues Are Back (Sort Of)

  1. Jerry Henderson says:

    Let me know when the green shamrock outlaw comes back for sale. Would love to get one.

  2. Will do Jerry! From what I’m hearing, the manufacturers will end up missing the St. Patrick’s Day window, so they won’t be back until 2012.

  3. N. Proper says:

    I just recently purchased an Outlaw OL36 Cue. It has the green shamrock engraved into the shaft. I was originally told it was a McDermott Cue by the salesman, but knew better as I knew it was an Outlaw. However, I still bought the stick because of the fair sales price. I looked on the Internet and cannot find any relevant information on this Model. I find similar models (OL35), but nothing on OL36. Can you provide any info on this model and pricing?
    Thank you for your time,
    N. Proper

  4. Hello from PoolDawg!

    The OL36 is a special cue that is only available to non-internet dealers so unfortunately we don’t have a lot of information on it. My guess is that the MSRP would be the same as their “Thunder” series which are inlaid like the OL36. Those have an MSRP of $195. Hope that helps!

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