PoolDawg.com, the recognized leader in online billiards and game room supplies, is pleased to announce the launch of our product review module. Customers now have the ability to share their experiences with over 3,000 billiards products carried at PoolDawg.com.

Over the past year, we have asked customers to rate products with a simple star rating. What we’ve learned from our customers is that they need more information than just a 1-5 ranking. This new tool allows customers to not only rate the products, but also write reviews, upload pictures and even link Youtube videos. The review system also gives customers the ability to rate the usefulness of each review that is contributed.

The goal of this new rating system is ultimately to give our customers enough information to help them make decisions about which products are best for their individual needs. In addition to asking for reviews from our customers, PoolDawg will also be enlisting pro pool players, manufacturers and cue makers to provide further details about their products.

With this launch, we’ll be giving out gift certificates every week for the rest of 2010 for the best reviews. Each week, the PoolDawg staff will select the best review with the author receiving a $25 gift certificate. To write a review, just head over to http://www.pooldawg.com, log in to your account (or create a free account if you don’t have one) and start reviewing.

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3 Responses to Win Gift Certificates for Writing Product Reviews at PoolDawg.com

  1. steve klisz says:

    the Q WIZ shaft cleaner is the best way to clean your shaft if you are in the middle of a match.no need to call a time out or stop the match.just a couple of strokes with the Q WIZ and your ready to play.

  2. roxanna price says:

    i love pool dawg site. The Dead Stroke cue holder is totally awesome. i have gotten so many comments on it. i just wish it was a little heavier and made of tougher material. mine got slid off the table and a finger broke off. but it still looks cool.

  3. Great feedback on those products! To be entered into the weekly drawing though, you need to head over to the website and put your reviews in there.

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