Insert Funny Rack Innuendo Here…

On December 8, 2009, in New Products, by Michael Feiman

A long, long time ago, puns were thought of as the highest form of humor.  Nowadays they’re considered somewhat trite and cliche, but back in the day there was nothing funnier than a good play on words.  With the billiards industry, there are all sorts of humorous puns dealing with sticks, balls and of course racks.  Since it’s the holidays and we just got permission to drop the price on one of our favorite racks, its time to “rack up some savings” (I had to keep it G Rated).

Of course I can’t do a post for just one product, so I’ve added a few gift ideas too (’tis the season after all).  And with that, I present you this week’s gratuitous sales pitch:

That’s right.  The official rack for most men’s billiards events on ESPN is now available for just $39.95.  Its lightweight, precision machined and guaranteed for life not to warp, bend or
splinter.  Plus, it comes in three spiffy colors.

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Hot Pink Pool Cue and Case Bundle
Cue and Case Gift Packs
Know someone who wants to get into pool (or someone you want to get into
pool), but don’t feel like breaking the bank?  Grab a gift pack!  You get a cue with a matching case and your choice of a glove or chalk all for just $54.95.

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Is that pool player you know still walking around with a 1×1 case?  Time to upgrade!  These cases carry two butts, two shafts and have a ginormous pocket for all those tchotchkes pool players like to carry.  Plus, we’ve got all the colors of the rainbow in case black isn’t your thing.

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Know someone who likes pool and hunting tasty critters?  We’ve got cues featuring some delicious wild game (well, bears don’t taste great, but duck, elk and moose… yummy!).  It also features zebra wood in the
forearm and butt (no zebras were harmed in the making of this cue).

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If there’s one thing that pool players can’t get enough of, it’s training tools.  Books, videos, training tools, even lasers
all designed to make you a better pool player.  Plus, they start at under 10 bucks making it a great gift that won’t break the bank.

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By the way, we also put up our holiday shipping schedule.  There’s a lot of different scenarios depending on where you live and what type of shipping you choose, so your best bet is to just check out our shipping map.  Now with over 3,000 products to choose from we understand you might need help shopping this holiday season.  If that’s the case, just drop us an email or give us a call at 866-843-3294 and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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  1. Hey just wanted to let you guys know that you probably have the largest selection of high end pool cues around. I was very impressed and found the perfect xmas present for my wife. Happy Holidays.

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