Cherry Bomb In The House

On November 16, 2009, in PoolDawg's Friends, by Michael Feiman

As you all know, when the holidays come, we force our buddy Samm Diep to come and help us out for a few weeks.  Since we ran our new commercial a bunch of times yesterday during the Pacific Coast Classic, we decided to bring her in for a day to help us catch up on voicemail, emails and catalog requests.  Unfortunately for her (and the rest of us), the heat was off all morning, so when we got into the office this morning, it was a balmy 56 degrees.

samm diep

Fortunately for her, she came prepared complete with her cutoff gloves, snow hat and of course her PoolDawg Hoodie.  She’s only here for a day, but she’ll be back in the office after Thanksgiving full time for a few weeks to make sure everyone gets their holiday orders in on time.  For those of you that don’t know Samm, you can read all about her on her blog at

If you requested a catalog yesterday, you should have it in your mailbox in a couple of weeks.

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