What’s all this business about deflection?  The first time I heard about deflection I immediately pictured a circa 1970s Linda Carter bouncing pool balls off her magic silver bracelets.  After doing a little research though, I found out that when it comes to pool cues, deflection means something a little different.

Here’s the deal.  The idea behind the low deflection shaft is when you hit the cue ball with English, the shaft construction will work to decrease the cue ball’s deflection.  Different shafts go about reducing deflection in different ways.  Some of them take splices of wood and glue them together to make the shaft, others make changes to the end of the cue with adjustments made to the tip, ferrule and even hollowing out the end of the shaft.  There’s a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo that goes with all this, but the bottom line is that low deflection shafts make it easier to sink your shots when you’re putting English on the cue ball.

Unique Features:

  • Hollow Bore Shaft
  • 10 Piece Radial Splicing
  • 6/10″ Ferrule
Lucasi Hybrid Low Deflection Shaft
Lucasi Hybrid Shaft
Unique Features:

  • Zero Flex Ferrule
  • 8 Piece Radial Splicing
  • 12.75mm 8 Layer Tip
Unique Features:

  • 6 Piece Stress Relieved Splicing
  • Wood Ferrule
  • Vibration Dampening Core
Unique Features:

  • 5 Piece Cross Grain Splicing
  • Sniper Tip with Red Fiber Backing
  • Extended 15″ Pro Taper

Still have questions?  Drop us an email or give us a call.  We’re not physicists over here, but we do know our shafts and we’re happy to help out wherever we can!

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