The Luck of the Irish

On March 12, 2009, in Uncategorized, by Michael Feiman

Let’s face it.  Being Irish is pretty damn cool.  U2, Van Morrison, the Boston Red Sox and Celtics, Guinness beer (and that super sweet world record book with the guy with the long finger nails) and not one, but two lucky charms in shamrocks and The Blarney Stone.  Plus, there’s just the sheer the beauty of Ireland and all those magnificent golf courses.

Even back in the day it was cool to be Irish.  The Irish claim some of the greatest writers in history as their own including James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw and most recently, Frank McCourt.
With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner the good folks who make Outlaw cues have sprung a nice little Irish surprise on us in the form of an emerald green Outlaw cue.  I haven’t been this excited about a limited time St. Patrick’s Day special since back when McDonalds used to roll out the Shamrock Shake, that frosty, minty cup of deliciousness.

So here’s the deal with the Outlaw Shamrock cue.  It has the classic torch-blown branding on the forearm and sleeve, but instead of old west themed designs, you get branded, barbed shamrocks to go with the emerald green stain.  To go with the darker stain, Outlaw has changed the wrap to stacked black saddle leather.

Rumor has it that like the beloved Shamrock Shake, this is going to be a limited time offer, so we don’t know how many more we’re going to get or how long they’re going to be available.  If the Outlaw cue isn’t your style, you should check out the beautiful Irish themed Athena cue too.


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