2009 Catalog Update

On September 16, 2008, in PoolDawg Catalog, by Michael Feiman

The catalog is almost done, I swear it is!  Our resident graphic artist is just putting the final touches on the new catalog which will start mailing in early October.  I can’t give away too much about the new book, but I can tell you that there is a ton of new stuff in there.  

The catalog will be 60 pages this year and will feature pool cues, cases, repair tools, maintenance tools, training tools, some game room stuff, balls and much more.  We’ve also included a few pages for darts.

As for new products, here’s the list so far: Outlaw, Lucasi Hybrids, 5280, Joss, Schon, Scorpion, Action, the new Cuetec R360 cues, Mezz and we’ve even added some really nice 3 Cushion cues.  As you know, you can’t fit 2,000+ products into a 60 page catalog so there will be tons of stuff that you’ll only find on the website, but the new catalog will be a much better representation of what we have than last year’s catalog.

Just to let you all know, we won’t be mailing out any more of the old catalog, so its going to be a few weeks before the new book is going to hit your mailboxes.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure you get your name on the mailing list by filling out our catalog request form.  If you’re a current customer, you should be on the list but if you’re not sure, just fill out the form and we’ll make sure you get the new 2009 catalog.

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