Nobody’s Perfect

On August 25, 2008, in About PoolDawg, by Michael Feiman

It seems our site had a small issue this weekend.  Nothing serious mind you, but there was a bug that was not allowing some people to see certain product options.  Needless to say, we’ve fixed the error and everything is working fine but I just wanted to post a little mea culpa here anyway.  If you had to deal with this bug over the weekend, I sincerely apologize.  99.9% of the time the site runs flawlessly, but every once in a blue moon a bug will rear its ugly little head.

In addition to saying “my bad”, I also wanted to make it up to you all.  I’ve created a special discount code good for this week on all of our pool cue accessories.  Just enter the code ourbad in the Discount Code box and you’ll get 10% off any of our accessories for the rest of the month.  Tip tools, chalkers, joint protectors, repair tools and much more.  Have any questions?  Feel free to email or give us a call.

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