Bummer from the BCA

On August 22, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Michael Feiman

Yesterday, the BCA announced that they were forecasting a loss of $800,000 for the year and as a result would be making some pretty significant cuts to bring the trade organization back on track.  Included in the cuts will be the 9 Ball Championships and the Hall of Fame ceremony.  When you’re losing money, you’ve got to cut expenses and unfortunately these two events, while being high profile, are pretty large expenses/losses on the BCA balance sheet.

As a sponsor of the 9 Ball tournament for the past four years, we at PoolDawg will be very sad to see this major event get canceled.  New BCA Board President Sean Cummings did offer a glimmer of hope though when it comes to the tournament.  “The question is at what level of quality they would be staged.  If somebody wants to do it right, we would certainly entertain it.”

Hopefully someone will be able to pick up the reigns on this event and produce a 2009 9 Ball Championship event that meets or exceeds the excellent 2008 event.

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  1. Eliminate smoking in all pool/billiards worldwide. That is the first step.

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