The Difference in Hard to Soft Tips

On April 25, 2007, in Pool Cue Tips, by Michael Feiman

At we carry a variety of different tip brands that range anywhere from LePro tips, to Tiger brand cue tips, and even the Moori cue tips. For most pool cues, the standard tip is going to be 13mm and medium to medium hard. Tip variations range from soft to hard and from 10mm for snooker cues to 14mm. The most frequent tip question that we get is, “What is the difference between hard and soft tips?” Here is some information to help you decide what tip is best for you.

Soft Tips:

Soft tip brands are usually Elk Master, Moori, Tiger Laminated tips. Soft tips are more likely to mushroom than hard tips, which will require more maintenance and replacing them more frequently than harder tips. However, they do retain chalk much better than hard tips. With a softer tip it can be said that the tip allows for greater contact with the cue ball providing more control and action. It is also though to give the cue ball better English. The soft tips are also easier to scuff than a hard tip.

Hard Tips:

The most common brands of hard tips are Water Buffalo, Triangle, and either the Tiger Dynamite or Sniper tip. Typically with a hard tip you will not have to replace them as often as a soft tip. However, you will have to scuff and chalk a hard tip more than a soft tip. The benefits of having a hard tip is that they will give you more consistency, a longer and better arc, and will control the contact with the cue ball better than soft tips.

Also for the harder the tip the more of a finesse player you should be. All of these types of tips that range from hard to soft can be found at If you are interested in the best of both worlds try a medium tip like the Tiger Everest or the Triumph cue tip.


6 Responses to The Difference in Hard to Soft Tips

  1. art vandergrift says:

    I can I buy a 12.5mm Soft tip Schon cue,Having trouble gettind all requirements . THANK YOU

  2. art vandergrift says:

    How I can I buy a 12.5mm Soft tip Schon cue,Having trouble getting all requirements . THANK YOU

  3. pooldawg says:

    You have two options on this. 1) We can sell you a Schon cue with a 12.5mm shaft but we cannot do tip changes here, so you’ll have to put on a replacement tip (Moori soft would be my recommendation). The other option is to do a special order, however given Schon’s backlog, I don’t recommend it. Call us at 866-843-3294 and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for!

  4. Art Vandergrift says:

    Moori soft would be just fine. I have not been to clear ,In what Im looking for.I need a shaft for my Schon STL 16. 12.5mm moori soft tip 14in. pro taper.You have the order if you can help me. THANK YOU, Art

  5. pooldawg says:

    We can sell you the shaft and the tip, but you will need to do the tip replacement yourself, as we are not equipped to do tip changes here. Please feel free to call us at 866-843-3294 to discuss and we’ll get you taken care of.

  6. Art Vandergrift says:

    THANKS ANY WAY . For your time… Art

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