McDermott Intimidator Shaft

On March 27, 2007, in Billiards Products, by Michael Feiman

Improve your game with the McDermott Intimidator shaft series. There are three different kinds of McDermott Intimidator Shafts that we carry at Each of these are a bit different from the other.

The I-1 Super Power Shaft

This shaft is designed to increase your power. This is best used for breaking and multiple bank shots. This is also helpful to your game for speed, accuracy, and slow moving cloth. This is a 13mm shaft that comes with a standard 13mm Moori hard tip and with a traditional style taper.

The I-2 Super Control Shaft

This shaft is designed for extra control. This shaft is specifically made for more advanced players or those that are looking to make advanced shots especially on cloth that is medium to fast. This shaft will give you greater accuracy, consistency, and control.  This is a 12.75mm shaft that comes with a Moori medium tip and a professional 12 to 14 inch taper.

The I-3 Super Feel Shaft

The super feel shaft is mostly for players that play at a professional level. It can also be used for the player that is looking to make professional level shots. This shaft is designed to play best on fast cloth. This will improve your action, touch, and finesse while playing. This is a 11.75mm shaft that has a European style taper and comes with a Moori soft tip.


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