What’s the Difference Between Shaft Products?

On February 5, 2007, in Pool Cue Maintenance, by Michael Feiman

If you’ve visited our shaft products section, there are literally dozens of products to choose from that will clean, condition and polish your shaft. There are similarities with these products, but there are also quite a few differences. Some products are made for a quick clean between matches while others are used for deep cleaning purposes. I’ll go through some of the differences.

Pool Cue Wax

Cue wax is used to protect your cue rather than to clean it. Using pool cue wax like the Cue Doctor Cue Wax will help your cue repel oils, dirt and moisture.

Pool Cue Polishers

Polishers are great for either a quick clean between matches or to use after a deep cleaning. Tools like the Porper Shaft Polisher and the Q-Wiz both have polisher aspects that pull the superficial dirt and grime off of your cue giving it a smooth stroke with less drag.

Pool Cue Cleaners

If your cue is in need of a serious deep cleaning, you’re going to need something tougher than a polisher. The Q-Wiz mentioned previously is an excellent all around cleaning tool, as it has both a cleaning side and a polishing side (not to mention it is washable and reusable). The Diamondback Shaft Shedding System is another good tool for deep cleaning. Products like the Q-Smooth is a set of micro-fine grit papers that will give your shaft a deep cleaning without harming your shaft like sandpaper will.

Choosing the right shaft products is a key part of the long term health of your pool cue. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 866-THE-DAWG.


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